About Us

We are a non profit group of people who like to have fun with computers and games. We strive to build a strong community of gamers free of many issues that other server networks face today. All our minecraft servers are whitelist only to make sure we can get a quality community and we offer state of the art features only on QuestMC. Below we have some useful info and some contact information. Not verified yet? Click here.

QuestMC Management


Network Administrator 


CEO (Will return Mar 2024)


Server Manager

WAN Parties:

We usually have WAN parties at least once a year on new years. Sometimes we have one during a major event on the server. You can attend in-person or online. These parties include gaming, food, fun, and other games.

 (2022 New Years Eve WAN party)


We have many expenses hosting the server including power, future upgrades, plugin support etc... So we are accepting donations and in return you will receive benefits and perks on the server and discord.  Click here for additional information. Donating is completely optional.