QuestMC Changelog




April 16th, 2023

-July 10th 2021

-August 1st  2021

Version 1.31

Alpha 0.1

Alpha 0.2

-Server now on 1.19.4, website updated

-Created website changelog page-Worked on QuestMC waterfall config 
-Made website improvements-Created Lobby, Factions Pro, and SMP-Added ultra-hard plugin for Factions

-August 17th  2021

August 25th 2021

Beta 0.3

-Server portal plugin to warp people to different servers-Nether Portal plugin applied to SMP and Factions-Plugin testing mainly done

-v1.0 launched SMP is live

December 2021

-SMP updated to 1.18

- SMP World border expanded to 7500 blocks 

-Factions Launch on Dec 31st